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Image by Casey Horner

Collaborative Offerings

I am grateful that my work is grounded in intentional co-creation with people that I deeply respect and admire in service to caring for and re-connecting people to their inner knowing and their purpose in and visions for the world.

I am attracted to projects that support humanity's internal, spiritual and ultimately societal evolution at the intersection of land, restoration, transformation and sovereignty. I am also interested in expanding our relationship with all of our resources - time, space, nature, each other, higher consciousness - and how money can serve this intention.

Below I share more about the why of these projects and how they intersect with my work

in service to Sacred Futures.

New Seneca Village

Founder + Co-Executive Director


NSV was born out of my long career in philanthropy, recognizing over and over the ways that the present philanthropic system under resources and overburdens women of color grantees in particular. 

The nonprofit funding system we have now is more concerned with goals and outcomes and ways to measure the impact of the work than with the thriving of the people who steward the missions and relationships that make up the work.  Additionally, the philanthropic and nonprofit fields are not in any deep conversation about the holistic - mental, physical, communal and spiritual - aspects of successful and sustainable leadership, organizational development or movement stewardship.

New Seneca Village is designed to shift the current paradigm of how we show up for the leaders who always show up for our collective future.

  • We center those who are not traditionally centered

  • We support them generously and abundantly

  • We prioritize their personhood and agency over their roles, titles and orgs. 

  • We offer leaders restorative time, space and practices within intentional community

  • We provide leaders access to gorgeous land and restorative practices, our partners in centering restoration, connection and visioning for leaders and their communities.

  • We provide ongoing connection in a community centered on restoration, connection and visioning.

There are many hopes for how this work will inform the lives and work of leaders, and through them their communities and the world. Central among our hopes is that leaders remember themselves, their purpose and visions and the resources beyond money that support their sustained leadership. The wild hope is that leaders will make decisions that center holistically resourced strategies, resources and individual and organizational boundaries that de-center problem-oriented, scarcity and burnout models that the system currently incentivizes.

What change is possible when leaders are deeply connected to their own sovereignty and visions, when their leadership is holistically sustained and they are in community with others who are similarly grounded?

New Seneca Village is in the midst of a Capital Invitation for a permanent retreat center space.

Learn more at our site here

Image by Sergey Pesterev

Liberatory Giving Approach

Giving designed to enable freedom

I have always been drawn to where, why and how money moves in the world. This curiosity has always been closely followed by a question,"how come money is not abundant in communities that are both infinitely resourceful and fully engaged with transforming our society's worst tendencies?"


Philanthropy can be broadly defined as love for humankind. It is derived from the Greek words "philos," which means loving and "anthropos," which means humankind. And yet within the current philanthropic framework, love and its relations trust and relationship are not predominantly present.


My giving approach is grounded in deep love for humanity, for what is possible within the pure potential of each human life and for a liberated and just future that could be ours if we start to practice it now.

I invite you to learn more about how my Liberatory Giving approach embodies this vision of true philanthropy. 

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