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Image by Will van Wingerden

Centering Sacred You

The world has often felt hard for me. So much pain, inequity and cruelty and so much of it unacknowledged and unmitigated.


And yet, I have always been clear about the equally powerful pure potential of the human spirit. And the agency we all have to declare ourselves and our lives for ourselves and the communities we serve. 

I take pleasure in supporting women of color, especially those working in service to our collective future.


"I am so thankful for Ain in my life. Without Ain, I am not sure if I could truly embark on the soul journey I have been on without her care and support. Ain has the capacity to hold your growth while supporting you to bask in the light of your potential and build your capacity to move through hard emotions, memories, and traumas.

Ain's energy is pure grace, even as she holds you accountable to the next step of your journey.


You can sense that Ain has lived a life, and I am in awe of how she has transformed her own life experience into healing energy for the benefit of her clients and the world. 


Working with Ain has unblocked me in ways that are hard for me to explain, but I can sense the way I move and interact with the world has utterly shifted. I am a better person in all of the different roles that I need to be present in, and maybe most importantly, the greatest role- how you treat yourself.


I am blessed to have been connected to Ain, and I am thankful for the opportunity to work with her." 

- R. Hall, Bay Area

Work with Me

I am at capacity for clients at the moment, but review my waiting list as openings arise. 

Image by Ashley Batz
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