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Liberatory Giving Approach

Giving designed to enable freedom

I have always been drawn to where, why and how money moves in the world. This curiosity has always been closely followed by a question,"how come money is not abundant in communities that are both infinitely resourceful and fully engaged with transforming our society's worst tendencies?"


Philanthropy can be broadly defined as love for humankind. It is derived from the Greek words "philos," which means loving and "anthropos," which means humankind. And yet within the current philanthropic framework, love and its relations trust and relationship are not predominantly present.


My giving approach is grounded in deep love for humanity, for what is possible within the pure potential of each human life and for a liberated and just future that could be ours if we start to practice it now.

I invite you to read below to learn more about how my Liberatory Giving approach embodies this vision of true philanthropy. 

Liberatory Giving Approach

My liberatory giving approach has been defined over 13+ years of philanthropic experience. I am able to pull on knowledge, understanding and relationships from my time making grants within local government, regional community foundation, national intermediary and small family foundation.

Throughout my career in philanthropy, I have been blessed to work closely with grantees in a number of collaboratives and cohorts. From these relationships (and through my own nonprofit leadership experience) I am clear on the gaps, tensions and overall mis-alignment of prevalent philanthropic practices. 


I am even more clear on the opportunities and possibilities of a Liberatory Giving approach that centers the grantee within a framework of trust, respect and abundance. 

I am eager to work with clients who are energized by the true definition of philanthropy - love of humankind -and who are open to explore and embody the change that they are hoping to see in the world through their giving. 

Grantee Focus

Funding for Black, Indigenous and People of Color movements, organizations and leaders

My work focuses on supporting people of color and multi-culturally led organizations and leaders exclusively. 

People of color have long been the moral and aspirational voice of this country and I focus my work with these communities as they continue to be undersupported by philanthropy at large. 

Areas of Intent

Supporting Intentional, Sacred and Transformational

work, spaces and leaders is my core intention.

My work is mainly focused on the transformational and the sacred where leaders gather to intentionally co-create the practices, offerings and spaces that are to come as they call in more collective and just futures.

  • Healing Justice + Retreat Centers (National Ecosystems)

  • Organizational Restructuring (National)

I have extensive experience and connections with leaders and organizations in the following areas and support the above work within these spaces as well. 

- Racial Justice (National)

- Housing Justice (National, Bay Area)

- Leadership Development, including Organizing (National)

- Narrative Shift (National, Bay Area)

Funding Agreements

Funding that makes a difference.

I work with wealthholders who are interested in providing unrestricted grants of at least $100k per organization or leader and who are open and able to provide multi-year grants. 

Grants are given without an application process and require no or very limited reporting. 


I offer a range of 1:1 client insight sessions to connect around your giving purpose and interests.


Based on understanding defined during insight sessions, I develop an aligned philanthropic giving portfolio with recommendations for organizations and/or leaders and proposed funding amounts. 


Clients provide funding directly to the portfolio organizations

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