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My name is Ain (pronunciation here.)

I use she/they pronouns. Why?

I live and work on the ancestral and unceded land of the Koasati and Mvskoke people, colonially known as south central Alabama, as well as on the ancestral and unceded land of the Wintu people, colonially known as Mt. Shasta region of California.

I am a descendant of people stolen from their indigineity and the ancestral and spiritual practices that arise from one's homelands.

The unpaid labor of my ancestors across multiple generations created the economic foundation of wealth in this country and across much of the world. 

You can learn more about my past work experience here.

I am not on the socials, but you can learn more about me socially here.


You may know me from one or another of my offerings and my goal here is to provide a more comprehensive overview of my work and the vision of Sacred Futures that inspires and flows through it all.


My hope is that clarity about my (constantly transforming) work will enable new questions, connections and opportunities to arise.  Please reach out if you feel or sense any of the above 

What Connects This Work?

Sacred Futures

I am clear that the existence of life on this diverse, abundant, visually stunning and literally life-giving planet is a gift beyond measure. 

I believe this while fully aware of the consistent and overwhelming pain, suffering and cruelty that is so often our collective society's dominant expression and way of relating to one another.


And still, how present day culture chooses to show up does not negate

that we - all of us - are the collective recipients of a miracle,

a singular experience (in the universe as we know it today),

a great mystery and a constantly unfolding experiment

within which we have been invited to exist and interact.

I am thrilled by the potential to co-create life experiences that are worthy of the entangled gifts of planet and existence that we have collectively been given.

And so my work is a commitment and a call to the many sacred futures that are possible.

Sacred Futures

I believed that a sacred future is any present grounded in reverence and love wherein we practice now our collective liberation.

There are as many sacred futures as there are people who are committed to dreaming, receiving and practicing them into being.


The vision of sacred future that most propels my work is that every being on this planet is recognized for the divine expression that they uniquely are and furthermore are able to access - from our shared planet given resources - all that they need to be the highest and most loving expression they can be in service to the collective. 


Aligned Work

All of my work is about co-creating spaces wherein everyone present is invited to bring their whole, integrated selves to the sacred work of restoration and liberation - for themselves and for the collective. 

I believe that time, space and our relationships to and with nature and one another are portals through which we can access our higher consciousness thereby refreshing our connection to the sacred futures that are ours to cause while expanding our perspectives on how best to draw them toward us. 

All of my work is collaborative and intentionally supports leaders who are similarly committed to stewarding their own sacred futures.

In each of the projects I contribute too, we extend an invitation to pause, to explore, to question and listen in order to restore relationships to the holistic resources - time, space, nature, community, practices, higher consciousness - that bring the future to us.


My intention is to support leaders in discovery or reclaiming of their purpose and vision to begin anew the work of their life grounded in what is sustainable - connection, collaboration, relationship - and divested of what is not.


Old models of distrust and proving, productivity for its own sake, hierarchy in service only to itself, burnout, scarcity, suppression of spirit, and separation have never served the wholeness of humanity. I support leaders who have and will compost this fear based, control paradigm into perspectives, practices and commitments aligned with where life giving and life sharing, thereby allowing us all the space to fully inhabit our humanity.

I am sustained in this work by my Spirit and my fellow collaborators. I am energized in this work by my acute curiosity to find out - as whole humans in authentic and secure relationship with our Selves, our planet and neighbors within it, and our own divinity - what we will create.



I am truly grateful to collaborate with folks who are similarly motivated by love and expansive intention, who are excited to work in configurations that shift attention away from hierarchy and credit so as to put that energy into collective service, inquiry and iteration.

I am grateful that my spiritual practice is fully aligned with the work I get to do in the world. That daily I get to practice loving devotion - to a collective future shaped by awe, reverence and deep gratitude.

I am grateful that my work expands beyond the limiting barrier of expertise and is grounded in the relational call and response of questioning and listening and questioning again.

I am grateful that I get to co-create with All That Is

to vision and practice the future now

NSVPic 2022.jpg

Some of my favorite Sacred Futures

  • Where love for ourselves, all beings and this planet guides our individual and collective decision-making and resource sharing

  • Where every part of our lives are more intricately connected with and responsive to nature

  • Where difference and authenticity are cherished and given room

  • Where love is centered

  • Where life force is expended in reciprocity, dignity and gratitude

  • Where individual and collective brilliance - from every corner of the globe - is resourced and positioned to contribute

  • Where our values do not need to be spoken aloud because we are living them in practice and they are explicit through our behavior

  • Where our words power our actions and where we are happy to be accountable to ourselves and others

  • Where how we relate to one another is  the actual indicator of our character; not our wealth, skin color, gender, etc. 

  • Where we treat ourselves and others with a reverence commensurate to the invaluable gift of life and planet that we have been given

If anything here resonates with you and your work and you feel led to reach out, please do.

I live a contemplative life and spend lots of time away from email, but I will respond to what resonates with me. 

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