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Image by Omer Salom

Heart Opening

After a number of years refining my work in the world and deepening my spiritual practice, I am calling in the possibility of intimate, romantic relationship.


I believe we get to be whole humans wherever we are and this page is for folks who might be interested in who I am and what I am open too in this regard.

Below is my invitation to a hopefully more authentic experience than what dating

technology allows for at the moment. 

Please read on if this intention might be of interest for yourself

or for someone well known to you.

My ask is that you hold the vulnerability below with thoughtful consideration and discretion. 

Loving Intention

I am seeking a long-term relationship and I am open to potential relationship with folks of any gender and any race. 

I am gratefully independent and consider my spiritual path the guiding force of my life. I hope to meet someone who is similarly passionate and activated in their own life and purpose.

I resonate most with folks who are...

  • curious,

  • open in heart and mind,

  • kind and loving

  • present, responsive and leading with their emotional intelligence

  • intentional about creating a life that they are grateful to live.

  • able to hold a clear socio-political analysis with levity and a light heart.

    • My identity and chosen work require that my relationships are grounded in a realistic understanding of how race, gender, class and power work within our highly complex and often heart-breaking world.

I want to co-create a relationship grounded in presence, laughter, freewheeling conversation, mutual care and support,

easy affection and travel.

Image by Cristian Palmer

About Me (evolving always)

I live a contemplative life and know myself most powerfully and completely in nature. I deeply love water and am happiest near it. I also love a good breeze (any kind of wind) and a big sky.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the vast mystery of the cosmos and existence overall, the obvious consequences resulting from the fatal founding of this country, social psychology/dynamics, our planet and its inherent connectivity. And many other things besides, I am a thinker and a dreamer. 


I enjoy solitude and am most energized by my spiritual time and space, practices and communities. 

I do not believe in hierarchy, authority or most of the roles and boundaries created by our society.

I believe love is a verb and a practice.

I resonate most with folks who are self-aware and who consistently align their actions with their intentions and their word.

I am most indigenous to the future and think a lot about teleportation and alien life. 

I love to laugh and make up songs. i cannot sing.

I spend most of my time vigorously avoiding screens and reading most of the books.

I live in rural Alabama for now, but am open to intimacy with folks who live across the country and beyond.

NYC --> ATL --> Bay Area --> AL

I am open to folks with children, but do not want to raise children. My two dogs are enough for me.


I believe that love is

             action aligned with one's intent,

             a way of being,

             a spiritual practice,                                    

Do you know someone who is open to intimacy and who might be a complement to what I shared above?

If so, please feel free to share this page with them, so they can decide for themselves. 

Image by Matthew Smith

Are you calling in intimacy and feel resonant with what

I have shared?

If yes,

reach out to me :)


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